Last Week Wrap Up Books

On a busy week I was able to finish two novels based  in Russian folk tales and a story from Net Galley. My weekend was spent profligately by curling up in my bed, sipping coffee with whip cream on top and a kindle on the other hand. It was truly awesome weekend! I also did binge-watch Netflix series in between those times that my brain was really cracking up. I wish it’s always a weekend! Sigh. Anyhow I am going to share my rants, opinions about these books that made my weekend so frosty. 🙂


So let’s go ahead and jump right in.


Book Review: Wintersong by S Jae-Jones


I had difficulty in assessing this novel, It seems that I liked it as well as I did not. The phasing of the story was a bit slow and it took a while to pick up. There were times that I just got bored by those musical metaphors however on the other hand I also enjoyed the sweet and sexy romance between the two characters. It was a beautiful sad love story, a Labyrinth retelling with a Russian twist.


The story was about a nineteen year old girl named Liesl who has a fiery passion for music, a genius composer as they call her and the Goblin King who reigns the underground. For the first few pages, my interest started to upsurge when I started reading legend stories about the girl’s small town. Old granny place food along the nook of their small house as an offering, they believe that the Goblin King will one day walk in their lands to look for a maiden to be his Goblin Bride.

Interesting isn’t it?

Will I read the next installment? Yes I will and definitely on my reading list for the next weekend.

So what’s my rating? 3.00

Book Review: The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden


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