Last Week Wrap Up Books

I read the book purely because of its catchy and light title but then when I went through those pages wow! So good! I couldn’t count how many times I felt sad while on the corner reading. It brought many childhood memories and it made me realized how I missed listening to tales like I used to when I was young.


This novel was a story of a little girl with a brave heart, her name was Vasilisa. I followed this little girl’s adventure with her horse named Nightingale and the Frost Demon. It may sound simple but the book and story offers so much more and I would recommend to each and every one of you to please grab a copy. Upon opening the book, first few sentences blew me away, I immediately surrendered myself into my bed, put on my blanket and curl up. It would be perfect if you read it on a winter or stormy cold night with creepy weeping and dead walking scenes.

Book 2 is on my reading list now! 😀

Five thumbs up!

So what’s my rating? 5.00

Book Review: A miracle Christmas Holder by R. A Cabral


It was a difficult book to read. Strong to start, I know but I did not enjoy it at all. It was a story of a family who’s facing legal matters due to infringement. The dilemma started when the store’s logo design was almost exactly the same with other company. It doesn’t sound Christmas at all isn’t it? Neither magical. I was like reading a book with middle aged woman flirting with a widower, that’s it!

So there you go! I can’t wait for the next weekend guys! Thanks for reading! Happy Weekend!


So what’s my rating? 1.00



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