When I am Feeling Behind

There are days when I feel the world is moving too fast. This realization strikes when something happens at work or a sudden change that’s difficult to comprehend. In this case, I would usually take a pause and I would have my own space and moment of silence. Anxiety would visit and I would be overwhelmed with worries of things that are uncontrollable. The feeling of being behind is a depressing thought and I strongly believe that we need to take some time off and allow ourselves to quiet our minds.  So what do I do whenever I encounter these noises in my head? I guess everybody struggle the same thing as everyone else.


  1. Social Media Break. I do practice this very often since everything today is digital. I would distract myself with other random things like walking, allotting time to buy groceries, hit the gym or just simply read a book that I enjoy the most. I try to stay away from my phone as much as I could whenever I detoxify because most of the time what I see online gives me a lot of pressure and magnifies all my insecurities. I would see people constantly travelling while am stuck in my office desk finishing a deadline or spending hours watching someone else’s ig stories. Thinking about it now makes me want to procrastinate and browse my phone. I get the satisfaction and frustration all at once just because my life is totally different from those people. I tell myself to stop comparing because all I see online are just a glimpse of their lives that they want people to see. Life is short to feel frustrated for just about everything, though I tell you it is inevitable. So take a break.


  1. Alone Time. Now that I am older, I enjoy this Time Alone. I get to spend time with my own self, I get to see what my current situation is and I get to understand things that are difficult to fathom. There are weekends that I would go and buy two cans of Hoegaarden and some chips. Yes! Unhealthy! But I do actually enjoy it to chill. If you want to go by healthy alternative then grab a bottle of wine. However you like it. You will realize that it was a long week for you and this is the best way to end your week. Sometimes we just don’t have the luxury to do these things so when you do, leverage it. Enjoy it.


  1. Write a Journal. Writing a journal has always been my go to whenever I feel disturbed. There are just days that I feel so bothered and I couldn’t explain it why. It adds on my frustrations too! On this situation, I would go somewhere tranquil and would write down things that’s on my mind. Journal does help me as it allows me to take in all the reasons of my irritations and anxiety. Get a journal and bring it with you all the time. It is as if an emergency medicine with you when you get unexpected headache.

I will always feel the feeling of being behind if I keep looking at someone else’s lives. I learned it the hard way. Life is indeed short to feel these negative thoughts. Live life and enjoy life. How to do that? Just focus on improving yourself, learn new things and be an inspirational to others to do the same.

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